Connectors perform an important task – and that’s why we started Connectors Digest. When a connector joins together two electrical circuits, magic happens. So let’s define the topic of this blog and some different varieties, shall we?


Connectors – Defined

Connectors are electro-mechanical devices that join together electrical circuits. Most of these connections are temporary, but some are permanent. There are many types of connectors on the market. They have all kinds of variables as technology updates. Let’s look at a few.

Types of Connectors

Military Connectors

  • Military connectors are durable items that are built to meet the needs of the military. They are used in many different types of applications and come in many shapes and sizes.

IP67 Waterproof Connectors

  • IP67 Waterproof Connectors give premium ingress protection from invaders such as dust and water. Like military connectors, they are strong and used in a variety of applications. But they are also secure. They ensure that your electronic devices work as they should – no matter what comes around.

Power Connectors

  • Power Connectors allow electrical current to pass through it. It only allows power to pass through it – nothing else. Types and qualities vary, of course. They can be small or large, and they can even vary depending on the country you are in (you know this all too well if you have traveled to Europe or Asia).¬†¬†While these items are designed to supply power to your favorite electronics, they can also join two devices together.
  • They can carry either AC or DC current. AC stands for alternating current. DC stands for direct current. DC have more standard varieties and are less interchangeable. This keeps people from accidentally connecting an incompatible plug and socket.
  • Power connectors can be found in electronic devices and battery packs, among other things.
  • A high power connector is defined as a connector capable of handling over 30 amps of current.

That’s all for now from Connectors Digest. We hope you’ll come back again for more updates!